Where Does The Second Glance Go Book by Clay Jones

Where Does The Second Glance Go?

Section one of the book:

• Impact of the pornography on the Internet
• Child porn on the internet
• The Dark Net
• The presence of Sex Offenders in church’s
• The presence of Juvenile sex offenders in society and the church
• The impact of STD’s on men, women, teens and Children
• The sexualization of children
• The ultimate impact of covering up sexually oriented crime and sin in church’s
Excerpts from the book.

Section two of the book:

• Define the scope and nature of pornographic material
• The sexual addiction process
• The sexual sin process in a believers’ life
• How believers come to a point of spiritual bondage as a sexual sin
• The 8 sexual biblical prohibitions, including the topic of Homosexuality

Excerpts from the book.

Section Three of the book:

• The biblical process of change and renewal
• Gaining and maintaining freedom from sex and porn addiction
• A practical biblically based plan of intervention for people struggling with
sex and porn addiction
• Being protected spiritually in a sexually saturated society
• The process through which our relationship with the Lord can be restored to its fullest potential.

Excerpts from the book.

I love enough to disagree by Clay Jones

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