Our History

Clay Jones | Second Glance Ministries

The Body of Christ has become painfully aware of the extraordinary amount of sexual input we as a society are being inundated with everyday of our lives. Unfortunately, we have all come to know the devastating effects sexually oriented issues are having on our society. After being involved in the fight against pornography and sexually oriented business for ten years, the Lord led me (Clay Jones) to launch 2nd Glance Ministries in the summer of 2003. I had watched in shock and dismay, as the sexually oriented issues and problems that had largely been in the context of the world, began to invade and decimate the church at its highest levels. The Lord laid it on my heart to create a series that would enable the church and believers to deal with the sexually oriented issues and problems confronting them

The Lord has blessed and multiplied our efforts in extraordinary ways:


• Over 250,000 people have visited the 2nd Glance website.

• Over 135,000 sessions of the 2nd Glance Series and its introduction have been downloaded directly into people’s homes, free of charge.

• These downloads have occurred in 143 countries around the world, free of charge.


With the blessing of the Lord, 2nd Glance Ministries was able to launch the Series through an extensive mass media campaign which catapulted our outreach to a national level, reaching thousands of people a month with the 2nd Glance Series. Since that time 2nd Glance Ministries has run extensive internet and press release campaigns that have enabled us to reach at times tens of millions of people a month on the internet, with links to 2nd Glance Ministries website and articles about the sexually oriented issues and problems facing Christians today.



Feedback from those who have heard the Series has been equally encouraging and tragic. 2nd Glance Ministries has received many calls and emails from people all over the world testifying about the impact the Series has had on their lives, families, homes and marriages. Some have said their marriages might now be saved and others have found freedom in Christ. Unfortunately, the reports, numbers, sources and severity of the problems have become more severe and extensive in nature than anyone could ever have imagined. These reports have had a profound impact on the direction and strategy of our ministry and its outreach.



There have been dramatic paradigm shifts with regards to the sexual trends and behaviors of the Body of Christ in the last 2 1/2 years. They have had a profound impact on the whole Body of Christ. Believers who have never been impacted by these issues are being devastated in ways 2nd Glance Ministries never dreamed possible.

Once we realized the extent and dramatic nature of the shifts and their impact on the Body of Christ, 2nd Glance Ministries began a four-month process of meeting with church and ministry leaders in focus group settings. It was important to gain their input and feedback with regards to the paradigm shifts 2nd Glance Ministries believed to have taken place. The input and feedback from these groups validated and expanded our view of the paradigm shifts that had taken place.

During the discovery process, we became painfully aware that two relatively small problems in the Body of Christ had become more extensive in nature than we realized. At this point, it would not be an exaggeration to say these two problems have escalated to alarming and dangerous levels in the Body of Christ.

1. 2nd Glance Ministries was caught off-guard by the reports of the presence of large numbers of sex offenders of all ages in the church. What shocked us the most was that the churches 2nd Glance Ministries visited had no policy or procedure in place that governed how the sex offenders in their midst could be safely involved in their congregations.

2. 2nd Glance Ministries heard story after story about children as young as 3 to 8 years old being devastated by the sexually oriented input, issues and problems that we see in society and the church. Also, during this time 2nd Glance Ministries began to hear disturbing stories about children in the same age group acting out sexually in ways we have never heard before.

The input 2nd Glance Ministries received brought us to a point where we realized the extent and nature of the paradigm shifts that had taken place were in some ways significantly beyond what we were originally thinking. With this in mind, in partnership with Christanet.com, 2nd Glance Ministries sponsored two surveys in the Christian community. The results of the surveys confirmed the true nature and extent of the shifts that had taken place in the sexual trends and behaviors of men and women in the Body of Christ.

In our first survey 2nd Glance Ministries asked people what they believed were the biggest sexually oriented issues or problems in the Body of Christ today.  Read More, Click Here.