I have written this paper with a few simple goals in mind. I have done everything in my power to inform the Body of Christ about the magnitude of the problems and issues we face when it comes to dealing with the presence of sex offenders in society and the rate at which they re-offend. It has been my desire to attempt to define the scope and nature of their presence in the church. No studies have ever been done with regards to the presence of sex offenders in the church or where they are coming from. I will discuss some trends which seem to be emerging in the church that may help us understand what seems to be influencing these people. I have never seen a church that has sex offenders in their congregations or groups that have a clear, concise program in place to effectively supervise them. With this in mind, I have discussed the need to supervise them bluntly and in great length.

My goal is to help you create a simple frame work and structure which will enable you to create and implement a successful sex offender management program in your organization. I have identified the people on your staff who will need to be involved as well as some key elements that will act as the foundation of your programs success. Simply stated, what you are going to hear me say is every sex offender of any type or age who is a part of your group or congregation, need to have a clear, concise safety plan in place before they become a part of your congregation. As I define some of the key elements of a basic safety plan, you will see me identify certain groups of offenders who should never be unattended while on church property. NOT EVER!!! Some of these would include multiple and violent offenders. You will see I put all juvenile offenders in this class as well. The rest should have a safety plan which requires them to check in and out as they come and go from your facility. Every plan should contain clear, concise guidelines which clearly define how sex offenders safely interact with your congregation and how your congregation safely interacts with them. I only quote four reference sources throughout this article. They are as follows.

1. Center for Sex Offender Management, (1999). Understanding Juvenile Sex Offender Behavior: Emerging Research, Treatment Approaches and Management Practices.

2. Center For Sex Offender Management, (2000). Community Supervision of the Sex Offender: An Overview of Current and Promising Practices.

3. Center For Sex Offender Management, (2002). An Overview of Sex Offender Management.

4. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, (2005) Uniform Crime Report.

I would recommend reading all of these documents. If you send us your email address I would be happy to make them available to you electronically free of charge. The entire “Body Of Christ” owes a great debt to the Center For Sex Offender Management, U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI for all of the work they have done to help protect us from those who would try to harm us. Read More, Click Here.