Peruvian Project 2016 Executive Summary

As seen in our latest update we have made incredible headway in our work in Peru. The Pastors and Presidents of the regions are motivated to move forward as quickly as possible. Since my departure the infrastructure we created is functioning and moving the work forward. The Presidents we are partnering with have made contact with their counterparts in the other three Amazonian Basin Regions. They have expressed interest in our work and are eager to initiate contact. The Pastors Fraternities have done the same. The strategy we have employed to initiate our work in the regions has been extremely efficient and effective. At this point the only question remaining is how fast can we reproduce this strategy in the remaining Amazonian Basin Regions. Our goal is to reproduce the work we have done in the remaining three regions.

In each region at the request of the pastors this included the following:

• Educating them with regards to the breadth, depth and impact of sexually oriented issues and problems facing the Peruvian church and society.

• Provide training and programs to equip them to care for those in their congregations who are struggling with sexually oriented issues, problems and addiction in general.

• To work with pastors and government officials to address the sexually oriented issues they face and the presence of child sex trafficking and tourism in the Amazonian Basin Regions.

To accomplish these goals in the churches, we have done the following;

• Held initial meetings with the Pastors Fraternities and their leaders: The goal of these meetings was to form a working partnership and to determine the next steps to move forward.

• Held a Pastors Conference: Present the Series “Where Does The Second Glance Go” and the pastoral section of the series “Raising And Protecting Kids In A Sexually Saturated Society”.

• Conducted Celebrate Recovery Leader Training Conferences: This initial training was for up to 50 Pastors from 50 churches in each Region we are currently working in.

• Once we have educated and trained the pastors to care for those in their congregations who might have issues. We will hold a city wide meeting and present the Series “Where Does The Second Glance Go”. We will also launch CR during this conference.

Addressing the Presence of Child Sex Trafficking and Tourism

Human trafficking is becoming one of the most pressing issues in modern society. People around the world are becoming more aware of this issue than ever before. Technology has made it possible to engage in the trafficking of people on a broader scale than we have ever seen. People are being harmed in ways that are unimaginable. These trends and behaviors along with their harms are emerging in the Amazon in dramatic ways. There have been many well intended efforts around the world to to address these problems. It is true these programs have produced some positive results but the trafficking and the harm it causes remain largely out of control. It has become clear the efforts that have been made are to narrow in scope and nature to have any measurable impact on these problems. It is with these facts in mind that the following strategy has emerged in the Amazon.

Proposal: Create a broad based systemic strategy involving all ministries of government in a region to address the presence of and mitigate the harm caused by child sex trafficking and tourism.

Process: Initiate a threat assessment process in all areas of a regional government to identify sexually oriented problems as they relate to child sex trafficking and tourism. Then in each ministry of government create policy, procedure and program to mitigate or eliminate these problems.

Focus: The policy, procedure and program will focus in the following areas.




It would be our desire to partner with the leaders in five Amazonian Basin States to facilitate this process.



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